Mozilla Releases Firefox 10 Update

Today Mozilla released Firefox 10 Update of its open-source web browser, available for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS.  Version 10 includes a handful of new features and improvements.

The most notable change for the average user is a minor adjustment to the browser navigation bar – an auto-hiding forward button.  The forward button is now hidden until you navigate back.

Behind the scenes are several bug fixes, streamlined add-on support, and  support for full screen APIs.  allowing developers to build Web experiences that leverage the entire screen. Full-Screen API enables developers to create full screen games, immersive video experiences and rich presentation sharing

One of the notable vulnerabilities addressed in Firefox 10 could open users to cross-site scripting (XSS) attacks because the browser did not properly run a security check when calling untrusted scripting objects, said Mozilla.

“The fix enables the Script Security Manager (SSM) to force security checks on all frame scripts,” noted in this advisory.

Mozilla also fixed several bugs that caused Firefox crashes, including one traced to a recent Java update that Apple shipped to users last year, that caused many Firefox fans to jump ship in frustration.

Of special note for web designers and developers, version 10  adds a scratchpad using the Eclipse Orion code editor and new Page and Style Inspectors that will provide detailed CSS information.

Anti-aliasing for WebGL content will smooth out rough edges, and CSS3D Transforms will bring 3D animation to 2D objects.

Firefox 10 also marks the debut of the “Extended Support Release,” intended for enterprises that don’t want to deal with the hassle of supporting a new browser update every six weeks. ESR releases receive no updates apart from necessary security fixes, and will change versions once every seven releases, making the next release due around November.

More about ESR can be found at this ESR proposal page. This Extended Support Release will be developed parallel to the regular release cycle of six weeks, which Firefox adopted as part of its rapid release strategy, last year.

If you are on the release channel already, your Firefox will be updated to version 10.  Alternatively, you can download Firefox 10 here .

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