I’m a long time fan and user of the online Aviary image creation and editing tools.  Aviary recently launched  an app for editing Facebook photos.  After giving it a test-run (see images below) it is the most effective editor for Facebook photos I’ve seen yet, and very simple to use.

It’s certainly no replacement for Aviary’s  advanced apps ,  but it can be a great additional resource for those times when you’re just looking to do some quick fixes or add some effects without any fuss.


  • 10 stylistic photo effects
  • 20 infinitely reusable stickers
  • 4 one-click auto enhancers
  • Tools for lighting (brightness, saturation, contrast)
  • Tools for cosmetics (red-eye, whiten, blemish)

Aviary for Facebook Effects Panel

Straightforward user interface, makes editing a breeze

Image straight from my HTC Incredible2

Image uploaded to Facebook before using Aviary

The lighting isn’t great and the colors are off.

Image after applying some one-click enhancements and the “San Carmen” special effect:

Image after editing with Aviary for Facebook

Not a replacement for Photoshop, but overall good results for quick photo sharing

My Wishilist:

I would love to see better color control and the ability to dial-back the intensity of the one-click adjustments.

Try Aviary for Facebook for yourself

See also Mashable’s slideshow that walks you through the basics